About Anika

Our story becomes our legacy, and my story has led me to you.

Hi, Im Anika! Thanks for visiting my page.

I am a loving Mom to my 3 year old son Jace and I am happily married to my sweetheart, Alex. They both are my daily inspiration!

Since we might be spending the day together soon, here’s what you can expect from me.

I am fun and personable. I am creative and have a bright personality. I could be drinking something pumpkin flavored (I love everything pumpkin!), and listening to 90's Hip Hop or R&B on the way to meet you.

A deep longing and appreciation for childhood photos arose in me, because it was missing from my life. We hear the word passion thrown around a lot these days, and compassion as well. Let me bring you to the true meaning of the word. I feel a spark of desire for family photos. I was adopted and never met my birth mother until recently. I adore my husband, my son and my life. A huge part of that life is taking every last ounce of that compassion and creating beautiful, heirloom quality photography for your family. It truly is my passion, in every sense of the word. Although, I can understand that my mother wanted a better life for me, I can never get those early year memories, not even one photo back. I do not have any photos of myself under the age of three and I want to capture the essence of those tender moments for my client’s. Let’s create beautiful memories together for your family, it is my pleasure to give you my art.

I love meeting new clients and have lots of fun capturing your special moments. Recently, I have really adored photographing weddings and couples. There is so much love in the air! Documenting each little detail, (like those shoes!) that sweet way you didn’t notice he was looking at you, to the big moment of “I do” is such a pleasure.

Photographing couples is one of my favorite new adventures. Whether you just got engaged or a couple that would love some quality photos to showcase your special connection, I’m your girl.  My favorite book is Great Expectations and you can keep your expectations high for what to expect from me.